Crime in Cambodia Exploration

This year in Liger, we can a create our own exploration. So two of my friends and I had an idea of learning about Laws and Crime in our country. So we started an exploration called “Crime in Cambodia.” We told a learning facilitator about this idea and he thinks it was an interesting topic to learn about. He told us to present our idea to all of our friends and see if anyone was interested in this topic and there are people that are interested in the topic. We got four more people to do this exploration. We was running this exploration by ourselves so we need to plan out everything. We met together at night to plan what we will do for the next week. We started to brainstorm about what kind of laws and crime that we want to learn about. We end up choosing environment issues and more specific is the marine life. The next day in class, we started doing research and we found a organization called Marine Conservation Cambodia(MCC). MCC is an organization that helps to protect marine lives in Kep, Cambodia. We came together as a group to talk about the NGO and we want to go there to learn more about them. We contact them and they help us to organize the trip for us. We met a lot of people there and we interview them. One thing that I find interesting was a group of villagers came together and make environment law for themselves. This exploration was amazing. I was enjoying what I was learning about and I also made a documentary about what we learn. I hope I could have another exploration that was really cool like this one.

  • My team was making storyboards before we went to Kep.