Iron DeFISHiency exploration

The first exploration of the year for me is what my group like to call “Iron DeFISHiency.” I didn’t spell that right on purpose. In this exploration, we worked with a company called Lucky Iron Fish. They make fish-shaped iron ingots for people that have iron deficiency anemia. Now you get why we like to write “Iron DeFISHiency”?  We did a lot of research to get some background knowledge about iron deficiency anemia and Lucky Iron Fish. We had a bit over 3 weeks to get prepared before we leave to Siem Reap to have workshops with villagers in rural areas. We had 4 workshops in two days. We tried to make the workshop less boring as possible so we had skits, posters, test taste, cooking session, Q&A etc. We think we did a very good job in the workshops and everyone was super proud of these 12 teenagers that spend their time researching and trying to change Cambodia in a positive way. Besides all that, we also visited a couple of museums, the largest religious temple in the world or more well-known as Angkor Wat, hike on a small mountain, went to see a circus for the first time in our lives, went to the famous Pub Street and night market and other fun activities. We all enjoyed the trip and learned a lot. This is personally, one of my favorite exploration so far in Liger. Every exploration has a product and we have countless products. One of the product was a video that Lucky Iron Fish will use when they are doing workshops and that video is about anemia, the solution and what people think about the iron fish.

  • One of our members, Lux, flew the drone and we got some shots of people holding up the fish

Disclaimer: the video is for Cambodian audiences so it is in Khmer. I am working on an English version of it.


Film Making Independent Discovery

This year, I decided to continue my passion, film making but it’s not just me who is doing it. My friends, Neang and Marady are doing it, too! So we collaborate and write some movies and shoot it. We were trying to participate in a film festival and we didn’t have time to make all so we only made one. In this independent discovery, we were writing movies, planning the shooting and talk to the actors and edit the film.

Check out my video!

Disclaimer: The film is in Khmer(Cambodian language) because it needs to be in Khmer for the film festival.