Iron DeFISHiency exploration

The first exploration of the year for me is what my group like to call “Iron DeFISHiency.” I didn’t spell that right on purpose. In this exploration, we worked with a company called Lucky Iron Fish. They make fish-shaped iron ingots for people that have iron deficiency anemia. Now you get why we like to write “Iron DeFISHiency”?  We did a lot of research to get some background knowledge about iron deficiency anemia and Lucky Iron Fish. We had a bit over 3 weeks to get prepared before we leave to Siem Reap to have workshops with villagers in rural areas. We had 4 workshops in two days. We tried to make the workshop less boring as possible so we had skits, posters, test taste, cooking session, Q&A etc. We think we did a very good job in the workshops and everyone was super proud of these 12 teenagers that spend their time researching and trying to change Cambodia in a positive way. Besides all that, we also visited a couple of museums, the largest religious temple in the world or more well-known as Angkor Wat, hike on a small mountain, went to see a circus for the first time in our lives, went to the famous Pub Street and night market and other fun activities. We all enjoyed the trip and learned a lot. This is personally, one of my favorite exploration so far in Liger. Every exploration has a product and we have countless products. One of the product was a video that Lucky Iron Fish will use when they are doing workshops and that video is about anemia, the solution and what people think about the iron fish.

  • One of our members, Lux, flew the drone and we got some shots of people holding up the fish

Disclaimer: the video is for Cambodian audiences so it is in Khmer. I am working on an English version of it.


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