The White Building (Bodeng) Exploration

On August 14th this year, the White Building exploration started and I was involved in it, as well as eight other seniors. The project was about the recent demolition of the infamous White Building in Phnom Penh. We started off by learning about the history of the White Building and why it was so significant for this city; We also did research other past evictions in the city so we can compare how it had been improving. About two weeks into the exploration, we started to have trips to interview a variety of people, from the former residents to the ministry to the development company of the White Building space. From doing all those interviews, I had to somehow document the different responses to questions and different perspectives about the White Building, and this time it’s not a video that I’m making, it’s a podcast. I took that as a huge challenge because, I usually express my creativity through videos and visuals, and less of just audio. I worked with all my colleagues to write, record and edit the podcast. My teammates wrote most of the scripts and did about 70% of the recording and I finish the whole process by putting it all together and try to make it as good as possible, using my creativity, which was hard to do with only audio. I had a lot of challenges throughout with making the podcast; one of them was the time constraint, but by the skin of my teeth, I managed to finish it. We are planning a public event at Meta House for the city to come and see our final products. We believe this is the first ever documentation of any kind AFTER the demolition of the building. I’m working on making a 5-minute highlight of the podcast to premiere at the event. The exploration was super interesting and it’s such an amazing topic to investigate about. I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration, but the seven weeks are over and it’s time for me to do other projects.

You can watch the documentary that my teammates worked on, here: 

You can listen to “Many Shades – the White Building Podcast” here:

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