Urban and Contemporary Art in Cambodia

Following the White Building project I did, I was involved in an art exploration, but more specifically urban and contemporary art. Throughout the seven weeks, we spent time reading about contemporarry art, watch documentaries about different art projects from all over the world, and my favorite part, listen to the different types of music that my colleauges listen to. Besides that, I did a few projects like making a magazine cover, landscaping my own city,  making a flyer, and the biggest project out of all of them, a mural about any current issues. I worked with three of the Liger Marine Research Team members to come up with a mural that addresses problems like plastic pollution, climate change and how it affects the ocean. 

Trash are falling into the ocean like raindrops. Animals are dying from mistakenly eating plastic. Corals are being bleached, and eventually die. These are issues that needs everybody’s help to be solved.

The White Building (Bodeng) Exploration

On August 14th this year, the White Building exploration started and I was involved in it, as well as eight other seniors. The project was about the recent demolition of the infamous White Building in Phnom Penh. We started off by learning about the history of the White Building and why it was so significant for this city; We also did research other past evictions in the city so we can compare how it had been improving. About two weeks into the exploration, we started to have trips to interview a variety of people, from the former residents to the ministry to the development company of the White Building space. From doing all those interviews, I had to somehow document the different responses to questions and different perspectives about the White Building, and this time it’s not a video that I’m making, it’s a podcast. I took that as a huge challenge because, I usually express my creativity through videos and visuals, and less of just audio. I worked with all my colleagues to write, record and edit the podcast. My teammates wrote most of the scripts and did about 70% of the recording and I finish the whole process by putting it all together and try to make it as good as possible, using my creativity, which was hard to do with only audio. I had a lot of challenges throughout with making the podcast; one of them was the time constraint, but by the skin of my teeth, I managed to finish it. We are planning a public event at Meta House for the city to come and see our final products. We believe this is the first ever documentation of any kind AFTER the demolition of the building. I’m working on making a 5-minute highlight of the podcast to premiere at the event. The exploration was super interesting and it’s such an amazing topic to investigate about. I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration, but the seven weeks are over and it’s time for me to do other projects.

You can watch the documentary that my teammates worked on, here: 

You can listen to “Many Shades – the White Building Podcast” here:

VEX robotics Exploration

This is the time I’ve been waiting for, to finally join a robotics team to compete on the world stage but this time it’s not the First Lego League robotics, it’s my first time joining a robotics competition and I’m joining the VEX robotics competition. The competition was hosted in Taipei, Taiwan at the Taipei American School(TAS). To make this trip happen for us, we need to fundraise because we need way more money than what our school is able to provide to us. I was on the “Fundraising team” which is about contacting people, working on the website, talking on the phone, meetings with companies and other complicated stuff. The other students are working on, 1) designing the robot and 2) coding it. It might sound like little work but it is not easy to code, nor designing. My fundraising teammates and I reached our goal! The robot is not quite ready but we still went to the competition. We took off on the 1st of December. It was a long flight and we also got delayed for half an hour. That day is also the day that I experience my first ever McDonald’s bite. The next day is the competition day which is really nerve-racking for me because we are representing Cambodia and everyone is watching us LIVE on ustream.com. The first day didn’t go that well. We had 7 disqualify rounds and we won only 2 rounds. That means we ended up getting number 31 out of 36 teams which are pretty bad. The disqualify matches are just for the other teams to see how good we are so we can go to the finals if they chose us as their alliance. We got a load of emails from our friends back in Cambodia telling us to keep going, don’t give up and encouraging us to be optimistic. The people at TAS was kind enough to tour us around their labs. It was a great experience seeing everything and seeing all the project their students are working on. After that, we left TAS, got some noodles with dumplings and went back to our hostel. We got back to our hostel and we got straight to fixing the robot and the code. We worked until near midnight to fix everything. The next day, we went back to TAS and we were waiting to find out if one of the top 8 teams chose us to be their alliance. Here’s the unfortunate thing. We didn’t get chosen which means all the work we did the night before had gone to trash. Since then until 12 pm, we were watching the matches and they were phenomenal. At around 12:45 pm, it was the award announcing ceremony and guess what, we got an award. We got the “Judges award” from all the judges. They voted for us because they appreciated our work and they love our passion for robotics. We were done at around 2 pm and we went back to our hostel to prepare for a trip to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. We saw the guard changing, an amazing art gallery, and other fun stuff. The highlight of the trip to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall was seeing the guard changes. After that amazing visit, we went to the Guang-Hua electronic plaza. I was surprised at how big technology is in Taiwan. After that busy and fun day, we need some dinner so we went to a night market and tried out a lot of new foods. The next day, we went to a national park and hiked to a waterfall. I decided to continue the hike to the top of the mountain. We reached about 780 m up in altitude. We were INSIDE the clouds! We came back down on a bus that we need to wait in a line that is about 25 meters long. By the way, we haven’t had lunch yet. Later on that day, we went to Shilin Night Market to shop before we leave to go back. That basically was our trip to Taiwan. It was a lovely time there and I will love to go back.

  • The trip starts here. We took off at around 1:30 PM. I really love the view I got on the plane.

Iron DeFISHiency exploration

The first exploration of the year for me is what my group like to call “Iron DeFISHiency.” I didn’t spell that right on purpose. In this exploration, we worked with a company called Lucky Iron Fish. They make fish-shaped iron ingots for people that have iron deficiency anemia. Now you get why we like to write “Iron DeFISHiency”?  We did a lot of research to get some background knowledge about iron deficiency anemia and Lucky Iron Fish. We had a bit over 3 weeks to get prepared before we leave to Siem Reap to have workshops with villagers in rural areas. We had 4 workshops in two days. We tried to make the workshop less boring as possible so we had skits, posters, test taste, cooking session, Q&A etc. We think we did a very good job in the workshops and everyone was super proud of these 12 teenagers that spend their time researching and trying to change Cambodia in a positive way. Besides all that, we also visited a couple of museums, the largest religious temple in the world or more well-known as Angkor Wat, hike on a small mountain, went to see a circus for the first time in our lives, went to the famous Pub Street and night market and other fun activities. We all enjoyed the trip and learned a lot. This is personally, one of my favorite exploration so far in Liger. Every exploration has a product and we have countless products. One of the product was a video that Lucky Iron Fish will use when they are doing workshops and that video is about anemia, the solution and what people think about the iron fish.

  • One of our members, Lux, flew the drone and we got some shots of people holding up the fish

Disclaimer: the video is for Cambodian audiences so it is in Khmer. I am working on an English version of it.


Entrepreneurship(Chili sauce business)

Everyone in Liger was involved in this project called “Entrepreneurship.” He was trying to come up with a chili sauce that people like and try to run that business. I was in a team called Financial and Pitching team. We list all the expenses to start up the business and to run. We did a lot of planning and we try to find out is it a good business to start and to run. We found out that it is NOT a good business to run which is very unfortunate. This September 2016, my group will present the plan to our founder, Trevor and Agnieszka  and the whole board.

Games Around The World Exploration

It is time again for us to create our own exploration! This time, I want to do something fun. I want to do something I love spending my time doing and that is playing games. This exploration is basically about finding games that people play all around the world and put it in one blog so people from anywhere can play those games. We did surveys, research on the internet, read documents/PDFs, watch videos and do whatever we can to get as many games as possible. We played some of those games a couple times with our friends and on “Sharation.” Check out our blog! Disclaimer: Our blog is not quite done yet.

  • We played games with our friends!

Marine Conservation Exploration

This exploration is about the ocean in Cambodia. The goal of the exploration is to make a “Proposal for a Feasibility Study of Algal Farming as an Alternative Livelihood for Cambodian Fishermen.” Cambodia is facing a big problem with illegal fishing. People do trawling, over-fishing and other bad fishing technique. So the “Proposal for a Feasibility Study of Algal Farming as an Alternative Livelihood for Cambodian Fishermen” is a report that we made to show Dom, our country director, to let us do a one year long project to study about Algal farming. We think algal farming is a great alternative for fishermen. Algal farming is when people grow algae and sell it to companies. We had a trip to an island called Koh Seh. It is where Marine Conservation Cambodia(MCC) tries to protect. We spend five days on that island and we did all of the fun stuff like snorkeling, scuba diving and watch documentaries. After the trip,  some of my friends and I worked on a video about the whole trip to show Dom what we did. Some of my friends and I worked on a podcast about Marine conservation. This exploration is one of my favorite project I’ve done in Liger.


Check out what we did on the island:

Check out the podcast we made:

  • On our last night there, we went to enjoy the sunset.


Crime in Cambodia Exploration

This year in Liger, we can a create our own exploration. So two of my friends and I had an idea of learning about Laws and Crime in our country. So we started an exploration called “Crime in Cambodia.” We told a learning facilitator about this idea and he thinks it was an interesting topic to learn about. He told us to present our idea to all of our friends and see if anyone was interested in this topic and there are people that are interested in the topic. We got four more people to do this exploration. We was running this exploration by ourselves so we need to plan out everything. We met together at night to plan what we will do for the next week. We started to brainstorm about what kind of laws and crime that we want to learn about. We end up choosing environment issues and more specific is the marine life. The next day in class, we started doing research and we found a organization called Marine Conservation Cambodia(MCC). MCC is an organization that helps to protect marine lives in Kep, Cambodia. We came together as a group to talk about the NGO and we want to go there to learn more about them. We contact them and they help us to organize the trip for us. We met a lot of people there and we interview them. One thing that I find interesting was a group of villagers came together and make environment law for themselves. This exploration was amazing. I was enjoying what I was learning about and I also made a documentary about what we learn. I hope I could have another exploration that was really cool like this one.

  • My team was making storyboards before we went to Kep.

Hidden Voices Exploration

Exploration Name: Hidden Voices

Learning Facilitator: Sophorn

Exploration Dates: August 10th-September 25th 2015

Number of Students: 13

In this exploration, we have a mission to search for some old Cambodian music. We’ve been to Kompong Speu and Mondulkiri province. Our group made a podcast called LigerCast. In that podcast, I am one of the two head editors. I used Adobe Audition CC 2015 to edit my sections. This is my first time doing sound editing and I have just 1 week to edit my sections. My two sections are the one that we called “Random Singers” and “Conclusion”. I know that “Conclusion” is kind of make sense but what is “Random Singers”. Random Singers is a part where the host take a bit about the songs and we play the songs. This is one of the most complicated part in our podcast. I spend about a week working on it and two days working on Conclusion. My biggest challenge is that I’m doing this on my laptop and it has four GB of RAM. It is very slow. There was one time that it crash and I need to do most of the editing back. The thing that I enjoy doing the most is recording, editing and making sound effect. There was one night that one of my friend, my teacher and I went to record frog sound for our podcast. It was raining and I need to make sure that the sound recorder is safe and we have two umbrella so we use one for covering the recorder. First we use the other one to covering ourselves but when the rain drop hit the umbrella, it makes some weird sounds so we need to put away the umbrella that we use to cover ourselves. As you can guess we all get wet. That is one of the thing that I enjoy. This is the attachment of some audio file but unfortunately I can’t embed the full podcast file because it’s too big so you can go to our blog then you can listen to it.

Random Singers:


This our blog so don’t forget to check it out.