My very own video games on Scratch!

I’ve been working on this project for about one week and I made this like ping pong game. This is a website that you can program your own game or animation or anything you want. You can sign up an account for free. Anyway, this is my first ever game that I programmed by myself.

Check out my game!

Film making independent discovery

In Liger, we have a program called Independent Discovery. It is a time where students can propose what they want to discover about by them self. As some of you know, I love making films so I decided to have a independent discovery about film making. This independent discovery is all about cameras, editing and other film stuffs. When I started the independent discovery, Liger just purchased a new Sony FDR-AX33. It is a  4K camera, it looks great and I absolutely love it. I also learned a new editing program called Adobe Premiere Pro. Now I’m really comfortable using both the Sony FDR-AX33 and Adobe Premiere Pro. Whenever there’s an event in Liger, Rich (my learning facilitator) tell me to have the camera and film the event.

  • Both of these pictures were taken at Koh Seh using the Sony FDR-AX33.

Model United Nation conference at ISPP

On Friday 23th October 2015 is the day that an event call “Model United Nation (MUN)” started at the International School of Phnom Penh. Nine of my friend and I participated in MUN. On the first day, the Chair which is the one who led the conference, told us all the procedures for the event. When the chair conduct the role call, we need to say “present and voting” but for the first time I said “president in voting” because I wasn’t sure what to say. Also for boys if you don’t wear tie, you can’t talk. I am the delegates of Afghanistan by the way. The first day, we just read our policy statement. Policy Statement is a short summarize about the issues in your country and mine is about animals right. After that we go to find the country that have similar issue that your country have and you start what we called “resolution draft”. Resolution draft is you write some solution for the issues. On the next day, we just finishing and we talk a bit about our resolution draft to all the delegates in the room. Then they will make some amendment and vote on it. After the amendment, we vote on the whole resolution draft. When you want to raise your hand, you raise the card in front of you. On the next day, we have a section called “Plenary Section” which all the people in the school come and vote on the high school people resolution draft. In this event we have different level. So I’m in “Junior General Assembly”. After that busy weekend, I was really tired but I enjoy it anyway. I learned a lot and if there’s more MUN event, I’ll happy to participate.


My friend and me with my learning facilitator.









Presenting my policy statement.


Everyone holding their certificate after the tired weekend!


Junior General Assembly group picture include chair.

Reader Theater

This is a video of me and some of my friends doing reader theater. Reader Theater is a program that you can practice your reading with fluency by doing play. This play is about a millionaire that is really stingy. When the god saw that, he came don’t to earth to teach him some lesson. Enjoy watching it!

Living and Learning with Another Culture

              Learning and Living with Another Culture

      I am Suon Kimseng. When I was young I always dreamed about learning about other languages and cultures without paying money because my family is poor. I also dreamed about going to other countries. When I was nine years old my first dream came true. Liger existed. Liger had the scholarship for the smart children.

image (1) (768x1024)        IMG_BUDDHA_13

   In front of my house.                The first year at Liger. We are making                                                                                  the Khmer king 7 out of clay.

Mary, the social worker in Liger, called to my mom and said, “Congratulations your son has passed the test!” At that time I was not at home, I was at school. When I knew that I passed I shouted uncontrollably. My first day at Liger I thought it was like my new life because Liger gave me many things and every opportunity that I wanted for free.

When I came to Liger I said to myself, “I need to learn a lot of English and about other cultures because in Liger they have a lot of foreigners and their culture is different from me.” When I got to Liger I saw lots of different things between my new teacher’s culture and my culture. One thing that was different was  the western teacher’s behavior.  For example, they eat with the fork, they wear mostly jeans with T-shirts, and the food that they eat is very different from me. For example, my new western teachers liked to eat bread but cambodian people eat mostly rice.  I needed to learn all of these things to adapt to living with all of my western teachers. At that time I knew how to speak English just: “what your name” and “how are you today?”

One day to one day I learned more and more English, like how to pronounce the words and listening. I also needed to remember all of my new friend’s names and make more friends. One month later I could speak more English and I recognized my friends very well. My first friend at Liger was Samnang.

One day at the end of the second year my teacher, JoJo, called my name: “Kimseng, Malika, Souyeth and Thiny, can you come here for a second?! I have very good news for all of you. You will go to Singapore next year!!” she said. All of us shouted, “Ya ya!”

IMG_2479 (1024x683)   IMG_2607 (1024x683)

Eating breakfast, which is noodles,          In the forest at Koh Kong.

when I was in the forest with Jojo,

my western teacher.

The first day of the third year came. I went to Singapore on the third week of August, 2014. When I got to the airport I was so excited. The smell of the cookies and BBQ filled the front of the airport. At that time my mom said, “Good bye! Good luck! Also have fun Kimseng,” with her big grin.

“Wow! That is a very big plane,” I said when I was at the airport and looking at the plane. “No, it is the small plane. The big one can carry about 300 people,” said Max my teacher. “Max! What about this airplane, how many people can it carry?“ “It can carry just about 150-200 people,” he answered.


Waiting for the flight to Singapore!!!

The airplane was very quiet inside. That made me feel surprised because before that I thought that in the plane it is so loud with its machines. My ears popped when the airplane took off the land. The plane started to go higher and higher by going up straight. I looked at the huge, white, foggy clouds. Then it seemed like all the clouds were coming to me.


The foggy cloud!

“Hello every body!!! I am your captain speaking. We have arrived at Singapore!” said the loud sound from the speaker from our captain. I was surprised when I heard that sound because that made me know that I had arrived at Singapore. When I heard that sound I was so excited because at that same period I was looking out of the window. Then I saw the view of Singapore. I also saw the view of Malaysia.

After we landed in Singapore we ask the captain to go  in the cockpit of the plane and they said “yes sure”. Then we went in there and ask him some questions. After I went to checked out, I went on a taxi to United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA), which is the school that I would be working with. When I arrived at UWCSEA I used the skills that I had learned when I was at Liger. I knew about western culture so I could adapt to the people at Singapore and while I was there it showed me that Singapore’s culture is not so different from western culture. For example, they both use forks to eat and wear mostly jeans and T-shirts.

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!” came the sound from my watch. It was nine p.m. I waited for my host brother’s parents with my host brother. Five minutes later my host brother said, “Hey Kimseng! These are my parents.” I used my English to communicate with my host family. I was a little bit nervous to speak with my host family because I never knew them before, but about five minutes later I knew them, so I was not nervous to speak with them or live with them anymore.

My host family came from India. My host mom had long hair, and was a bit taller than my mom in Cambodia . She was also very friendly like my mom. I stayed with my host family. I ate and went to school with them every day. The last night that I stayed with my host family, we went and had dinner together. We ordered some Mexican food, Indian food and also one pizza . We ate all of that food together. On that night I had a very great time because I did a video call alone with my friends at Liger. I showed them the apartment and how it looked like at night. At that night I gave my host family a gift. That gift was the scarf. They said, “Thanks Kimseng! This is very nice.”

My host family and I went to United World College. “Bye Bye!” I said to my host family. “Bye Bye! Good luck and be safe. I will go to Cambodia one day and then I’ll visit all of you,” my host brother’s mom said. The last day of school ended. Our group that worked together had a huge lunch and dinner together. We had pizza for lunch. Our dinner was chicken and hot dogs. I felt so devastated because we needed to leave each other.

The next day I went to the Science Center for the whole day. On the last day at Singapore I was very excited because I went to Google’s office. Google’s office was interesting for me because it is the famous company that lots of people use. Also, their office is so amazing because they have the place for their staff to relax and to eat. The other two trips on that day were to the Garden by the Bay and Chinatown. I flew back to Cambodia the next day and here is where my story ends.

DSC9232-e1409194288315-199x300  IMG_6499-300x300

     Garden by the bay.                   At the Science Center.


China town