Film making independent discovery

In Liger, we have a program called Independent Discovery. It is a time where students can propose what they want to discover about by them self. As some of you know, I love making films so I decided to have a independent discovery about film making. This independent discovery is all about cameras, editing and other film stuffs. When I started the independent discovery, Liger just purchased a new Sony FDR-AX33. It is a  4K camera, it looks great and I absolutely love it. I also learned a new editing program called Adobe Premiere Pro. Now I’m really comfortable using both the Sony FDR-AX33 and Adobe Premiere Pro. Whenever there’s an event in Liger, Rich (my learning facilitator) tell me to have the camera and film the event.

  • Both of these pictures were taken at Koh Seh using the Sony FDR-AX33.

Ministry day

On the 12th of January 2016, there’s an event at our school. That day was the day that a lot of people who work on education came to the Liger Learning Center. This is a half-day workshop about different things we do in Liger including project-based learning. This workshop was run by the students of the Liger Learning Center. All of student was presenting, except three students. I am one of that three student that didn’t do the presentation. Me and Chhoeu (my friend) was filming the workshop. I was going around in different places and film people presenting. I felt a bit nervous because I was going around and people always look at me. I have a lot of fun on that day. I felt proud of myself and all my other friends that made this happened and people gave us good feedback.

  • Dom, our country director is giving a presentation about Liger Learning Model.