ISPP Model United Nations 2017

Model United Nations! You didn’t think I would miss this year, did you? I just spent my past weekend attending my THIRD ISPPMUN! I was the delegate of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria and I had a blast! I had about a month to prepare, but I had to do it with my own time because my schedule was full of other classes. Long story short, I was prepared for the event and the wait was finally over. Did I mention that this was my first time being on a committee that wasn’t Junior General Assembly? Yeah, it’s my first time attending the General Assembly. This year, the topics were, regulating small arms and light weapons proliferation, the use of private military and security companies, and the role of resilient healthcare in global security. I was focusing on the first question, the question of regulating small arms and light weapons proliferation. The previous years’ MUNs had been very scary for me. This third MUN was really exciting to me and since I know what I’m doing, I got to work with other students, network with them, make a pretty good resolution that later on passed, and had a lot of fun. It was my first time making an amendment but sadly, it didn’t pass. The resolution I worked on was controversial, especially the clause that says, “Strongly recommends strict gun license requirements and regulations such as; a valid reason for the ownership of the license, Self-defense isn’t a valid reason.” People tried striking the clause, which was very understandable. Because of that one clause, the house was really divided. It was my pleasure attending this event for the third time and like I said in my About Me, I will keep attending more MUN events as I have the chance to.



This year, I decide to do it again. I decided to take on a challenge of joining ISPPMUN once again. This time, I had much more time to prepare. Last year, I only had 1 week to prepare but this year I had about 3 months to prepare for this three-days conference. It started on Friday 28th, 2016 at around 5:00 PM in the Black Box theater at the International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP). There are about 300 participants in this year ISPPMUN. There’s 13 schools in total, 6 from Vietnam, 1 from Singapore, 1 from Siem Reap and 5 from Phnom Penh(including Liger). There are 14 students from Liger that joined this conference, 2 in General Assembly(GA) and 12 in Junior General Assembly(JGA). I am the delegate of Belgium this year. The three topics we had was:

The question of large dams in South-East Asia

The question of equality in access to education

The question of protecting animal rights across borders.

It was a great experience just like last year. Now, I said to myself “I’m doing this thing for the rest of my LIFE. Not my school years but my LIFE.” I have the best chair and deputy chair ever. They were so nice. This year, I finally know what I’m doing in MUN. We had great debates. I made a lot more speeches and Point of Information(POI) than last year. Both of my resolutions passes. This year, I am the Main-Submitted which mean, I need to make speeches, answer all of the questions I was asked and a lot more nerve racking things. There’s FIVE resolutions and FOUR of it passes which was very impressive for my committee. My resolution was about the question of equality in access to education. It got 14 out of 14 votes for it to pass so I felt pretty good about it. The last thing I want to talk about is the Quiz Night! It was a great experience meeting older people, networking, answering questions that we didn’t really know, work with other people and it was a fun thing to do after TEN hours of debating. Overall, it was worth all my hard works and it was just getting better than the previous year. I really want to do it again and I’m signing up for next year ISPPMUN and other MUNs.

Model United Nation conference at ISPP

On Friday 23th October 2015 is the day that an event call “Model United Nation (MUN)” started at the International School of Phnom Penh. Nine of my friend and I participated in MUN. On the first day, the Chair which is the one who led the conference, told us all the procedures for the event. When the chair conduct the role call, we need to say “present and voting” but for the first time I said “president in voting” because I wasn’t sure what to say. Also for boys if you don’t wear tie, you can’t talk. I am the delegates of Afghanistan by the way. The first day, we just read our policy statement. Policy Statement is a short summarize about the issues in your country and mine is about animals right. After that we go to find the country that have similar issue that your country have and you start what we called “resolution draft”. Resolution draft is you write some solution for the issues. On the next day, we just finishing and we talk a bit about our resolution draft to all the delegates in the room. Then they will make some amendment and vote on it. After the amendment, we vote on the whole resolution draft. When you want to raise your hand, you raise the card in front of you. On the next day, we have a section called “Plenary Section” which all the people in the school come and vote on the high school people resolution draft. In this event we have different level. So I’m in “Junior General Assembly”. After that busy weekend, I was really tired but I enjoy it anyway. I learned a lot and if there’s more MUN event, I’ll happy to participate.


My friend and me with my learning facilitator.









Presenting my policy statement.


Everyone holding their certificate after the tired weekend!


Junior General Assembly group picture include chair.