Urban and Contemporary Art in Cambodia

Following the White Building project I did, I was involved in an art exploration, but more specifically urban and contemporary art. Throughout the seven weeks, we spent time reading about contemporarry art, watch documentaries about different art projects from all over the world, and my favorite part, listen to the different types of music that my colleauges listen to. Besides that, I did a few projects like making a magazine cover, landscaping my own city,  making a flyer, and the biggest project out of all of them, a mural about any current issues. I worked with three of the Liger Marine Research Team members to come up with a mural that addresses problems like plastic pollution, climate change and how it affects the ocean. 

Trash are falling into the ocean like raindrops. Animals are dying from mistakenly eating plastic. Corals are being bleached, and eventually die. These are issues that needs everybody’s help to be solved.