Resourceful Week

 Our first week back from our summer break was called the “Resourceful Week.” Our facilitators led activities that they think that will be useful for us like, learning about growth mindset, making professional Skype calls, navigating around the city, etc. I was put in a team of four and we had three hours to complete three missions that were given to us by Jeff, a learning facilitator. We had to go to a tailor and try to get 60 football belts in four different colors for under a certain amount of money. The second mission was to go find raw chickpeas, which is really uncommon in Cambodia. The last mission was to go get books from a company somewhere in Phnom Penh. It was very nerve-racking for me to navigate around the city because it is something I’ve never done before. The overall week was really fun and I think the facilitators did an awesome job in picking activities for us that helped us with different important skills we need.